Honesty, Devotion, Benevolence

For my Senior Thesis, I created an illustrated children’s book with an educational purpose. The theme is similar to Aesop’s fables familiar to children in Western culture, however, I wanted to make this project personal and relevant to the culture and values I grew up with in Taiwan. The three stories each represent one of the main value systems in Confucianism, which are‬ benevolence, devotion, and honesty. I love these stories because they remind of my childhood and taught me fundamental moral values at a young age. They were crucial to my character development, and I am grateful to share them with children around the world.

Hand-bound final product - hard cover with perfect binding method

Each story ends with a bilingual definition page divided by a hand-pressed red texture paper

opening spread for the story "The Emperor's seeds"

close up

opening spread for the story "Ban Pin Shan"

opening scene of the story "The Carp Cure"